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Storage Instructions

(Moulded Panel Doors and Flush Doors)
  Like Door Store in a cool and dry place.
  Like Door India Select balanced level ground for stacking.
  Like Door siliguri Prepare balanced stack, size by size, 3 feet equal size, and support at ground level to place the door horizontally.
  Door India Cover the stack with plastic sheet.
  Door Siliguri Do not place / store any other material over the door.
  PVC Laminated Panel Door Do not stack in warm temperature area, under cement/steel sheet roof, as it may cause severe warping on the door.
  Laminated Panel Door Fit the door after completing the wet area work and after cleaning the floor at site.
  Readymade Doors To fix screws and hinges as per thickness and size of the door, consult an architect or hardware expert.
  Like Door Lock: Tubular type advisable (for mechanical strength)
  Like Door India Immediately on receipt of the flush doors, apply primer coat on the entire door, edges as well as the surface, to avoid moisture attack and warping.
  Like Door Siliguri You should plan the delivery of your doors based on your readiness to install them on site. By doing so, you can avoid damage to the doors due to unsuitable storage conditions at site.

Finishing Instructions

(Moulded Panel Doors)
  Readymade Doors Doors are delivered pre-primered (brown).
  Laminated Panel Door Sanding/ lapi/ putti not required.
  Like Door Clean the surface gently by wet cloth and allow drying. Then apply 2-3 coats of good quality pain of desired color.
  Like Door India Door can be stainer-finished with the help of a sealer which may be applied before stainer with a spray gun, allowing it to dry overnight. Do consult the stain manufacturer before the procedure.
  Like Door Siliguri For extra water resistance polyurethane/ touchwood coat is recommended, especially in the balcony, bathroom and toilet door application.
  PVC Laminated Panel Door The original door should not be tampered with.
Like Door Sliguri
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Like Door To keep the warranty intact within a given period of time, the original door should not be tampered with.
Readymade Doors Moulded Panel doors are especially meant for interior use only.
Laminated Panel Door Raw materials, sizes and designs are subject to availability.
PVC Laminated Panel Door Due to continuous R & D the mentioned specifications are subject to change at anytime without any prior notice.
door india Doors made from natural material may deviate from specifications due to the basic nature of natural raw material and climatic effects.
door siliguri Images printed in the catalogue are for the purpose of reference. Actual PVC sheets, colors, shades and grains may vary.
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